Silver Course

 The silver course is increasing in difficulty. 


The exercises in this course will include the following; 

  •  Sensible play with the dog;

  •  Walking On Lead; (around distractions)

  •  Rejoining the owner (coming back from distractions)

  •  Stay in one place;

  •  Vehicle Control; (not jumping out until asked)

  •  Controlled greeting (sitting when approached by a stranger) 

  •  Tidy up their own toys! 

  •  Play dead

  •  How to shut doors

  •  Wait in a line and recall only when their name is called  

  •  Introduction to Retrieve; bringing back and dropping the toy

  •  Introduction to Find; fun scent games


Once completed and passed all tests then you will recieve a rosette and certificate, you can them progress onto the Gold course!