Follow on Classes

I teach a number of follow on classes;

Bronze, Silver and Gold


These are to be completed in order and will gradually add in different tricks and exercises depending on the level of the course. Each course is taken at the level of the individual dog and no one is rushed or left behind! 


I find these courses important in teaching the dogs and puppies to work in a distracting environment; it keeps their growing brains busy. It also helps cement a positive relationship between you are your dog. 


Other Services


One-to-One; I will come to your own home environment to visit you and the puppy (or dog). You can then explain and show me any issues you are having and I will be able to give first hand advice. Often some friendly guidance is all you will need to get your puppy back on track!

I can also offer advice for older dogs on more serious issues such as seperation or aggression. 



Dog Boarding

Occasionally I have space to home board your puppy or dog in my own home. This gets booked up very quickly though!  


Dog Walking


I sometimes have availability for regular and ad hoc dog walking. Contact me to find out! Your dog will have a whale of a time playing with a select group of other sociable, happy pups! 



Socialisation Walks


These are for dogs or puppies who are nervous, or who have never had the chance to meet and socialise with happy, friendly dogs.