About me

I am a fully qualified dog and puppy trainer. I regularly attend behaviour seminars and courses which keep my methods of training up to date and modern. I am also a fully accredited member of the "Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour". I have also completed courses under 'The Institute of Modern Dog Training' and 'The British College of Canine Studies'. 


All the methods I use are up to date, and emphasise on making it a positive experience for puppy and owner. I use 100% positive methods and I train through reward based methods. This helps build a lifelong relationship based on trust and love. 


I currently have 4 dogs; a 10 year old Bracco Italiano named Bruno, his son Hugo who is 3 years old and his half brother 2 year old Fitz. I also have a 2 year old Catahoula Leopard dog; Indigo. I had a rescue pointer from Cyprus named Tally; she unfortunately suffered some horrific injuries out there and I worked hard to settle her into everyday life over here. she became the perfect dog, however unfortunately had brain injuries from the abuse in Cyprus so was put to sleep. She is the main reason I now foster homeless puppies and dogs from Cyprus; I rehabilitate them and find them their forever homes over here; I have just homed my 31st. I have shown Bruno and he has achieved some Best Puppys and been regularly placed at Championship and Open shows - this year I even showed him at Crufts - he got Reserve! I grew up with a border collie and husky cross. 


Training is my full time job however I also look after dogs and am available to offer dog/puppy daycare and walks. I enjoy this immensely (as do my own dogs who tag along on lots of walks!) I have also worked in a boarding kennels; this taught me a lot about dog body language and how to make dogs happy in a strange environment. Before that I was a nursery school teacher; which I really enjoyed (hence why children are welcome to all my classes!) but that also taught me a lot about patience and understanding what they want. 

As you can see from my wedding picture to the right; my dogs are a big part of my family!