Puppy Training Classes

What the course includes:
  • Come when called

  • Walk on a lead without pulling

  • Sit, down, stand on command

  • ‘Wait’ & ‘off’

  • How to greet people without jumping up

  • Good manners around food, chews & toys

  • How to use toys to train your puppy & help inhibit play biting

  • Important socialisation with other puppies in a controlled environment with an experienced tutor 


Puppy Play 


Socialisation is very important! It is critical when your puppy is between 8-12 weeks to ensure they meet other happy, friendly dogs. In this short period of time a puppy learns things that it will keep forever; whether this is negative or positive. 


Puppy play is fun! I match puppies on size and energy levels so they all get a positive experience to play. It is also the best distraction to practise recall too...! Puppies love playing and need to learn how to do so in a polite manner, my classes encourage that and ensure they get to release their energy and have a run around! 


Puppies are hard work!
Puppies are harder work then people think! It is like having a baby; they want to get into everything and be the centre of attention all the time. 
Puppies aren't naughty. They just need to be shown the right way to do things; this can be achieved through positive training and rewarding the good things the puppy does. They need guidance and care and to be looked after and protected. 
Typical Puppy Problems; 
  • Chewing- all puppies chew; they have new teeth coming through and they hurt! 
  • Nipping- puppies have needle sharp teeth; they really hurt! But the puppy is not doing it to hurt you; thats how they ask to play.
  • Toileting in the house- they dont know any better! 
All of these issues can be handled and controlled by bringing up your puppy in a positive environment by teaching and showing them what is right. 

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Important tips for helping your dog become a well-rounded, well behaved part of the family: 

  • Socalise them! Get your puppy to meet lots of different people, dogs and animals. 

  • Involve them with your family, play lots and lots. This helps the puppy learn what to chew and builds a great relationship. 

  • Do not tell them off for toileting in the house; they don't know any better! They just need to learn that toilets happen outside. 

  • Training should be kept short and sweet; a couple of minutes when the kettle is boiling is perfect! 

  • Give lots of cuddles and take lots of pictures because puppies grow quickly!